Helping The Club

Helping your club

As a not for profit organisation we rely on the assistance of parents and volunteers to run the club each week.


Each junior SSF team is usually coached by a parent of a child within the team. Our Director of Coaching is always on hand to assist the coaches with session activities and plans. If you enjoy playing ball games with children and have lots of patience, then this is for you, even though you may not have a soccer background. We are passionate about expanding knowledge of coaches and are prepared to enrol any coach in courses to assist this.

Team Manager

The role of the team manager primarily involves passing on information to parents and players, and ensuring everyone knows where and when to turn up to on the day of the match. As with the coach, it is usually a parent of one of the children who fulfills this role. On match day you will organise the match cards, and ensure uniforms and first aid kits are available. Once a month we hold a general meeting and expect all Managers to attend this to pass on the relevant information.

Equipment Care

Each team will have issued a set of jerseys and balls to the Team Manager. Please note the jerseys are to be worn at match games only, and should not be worn by players at training or to/from the grounds. The Team Manager will arrange a roster within the team, and each parent normally takes a turn washing the jerseys on a rotational basis.

Canteen Roster

Our canteen convenor will complete weekly rosters for canteen duty. Each manager will receive these rosters 2 weeks prior to your team’s commitment. We ask that each parent please adhere to this roster. It will only be an hour or so of your time to help your club.

How you can help to make life easier

Coaching, managing and refereeing require a consistent, season long commitment. We are well aware that not everyone can make long term commitments and in many cases you are juggling your time to fit in the needs of more than one child over the weekend. We do ask that you keep your eyes open whenever you are at the games to see what help might be needed. Just fifteen minutes or so of your time will help to reduce the burden on others.

Many hands make light work.