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About Us

Musgrave Soccer Club prides itself on being a family-friendly club.

We cater for children from Under 6's through to Senior Men and Women. In 2013 we established our Musgrave Inclusive program which is a program allowing children and young adults with disabilities to participate in soccer.

Find out more about Musgrave's mission, vision, values & goals below or contact us anytime.

Our Mission

The Musgrave Soccer Club's primary function is to provide a safe, healthy environment for our community catering for people of all ages, gender, creed, and race to enjoy and develop in the wonderful game of soccer on the Gold Coast.

In so doing, the club will provide learning programs for boys and girls Under 6-11 in preparation of competition, junior competitive programs for boys and girls 12-18, senior competition for men and women and an inclusive program for children and young adults with disabilities.

It also provides the highest level of coaching tuition for boys and girls to develop their technical ball skills and tactical games skills so they can further enjoy and feel pride in being part of the Musgrave Soccer Club.

The club will provide facilities and equipment of the highest standards for the purposes of training and playing of matches. It will focus to achieve the highest possible results in senior competitions while ensuring that our junior teams enjoy the thrills of competing regardless of the result as long as it is enjoyable and rewarding for all participants.

Musgrave Soccer Club promotes good sportsmanship, best practice behaviour and encourages courtesy, proper conduct, and respect for players, officials, coaches, and spectators by the players, officials, coaches, and spectators.

The club will be recognised within the Gold Coast community for the services that it provides its members and respected as a well-structured and managed organisation in the delivery of this service.

Our Vision

The Musgrave Soccer Club will be recognised by its corporate partners and local community as the No.1 soccer club on the Gold Coast led by a progressive, professional administration. It will provide its members with expert coaching, first-class facilities and create a family orientated social atmosphere which will be the envy of all soccer clubs on the Gold Coast.

Our Values

The Musgrave Soccer Club is dedicated to promoting the following values through participation in its programs:

- An open and transparent organisation, valuing the views of all participants and members.
- The benefit of competition and goal setting through a proper understanding of the lessons learned from both victory and defeat.
- Developing a sense of commitment and bonding between players, parents, children and their community.
- The importance of attitude, acceptance and communication in achieving personal success.
- The importance of personal accountability in achieving group success.
- The development of character and courage through an honest and disciplined environment.
- The importance of maintaining good relationships with all whom we have contact and in particular Football Gold Coast Federation and our fellow sister clubs on the Gold Coast.
- The recognition and delivery of support for our corporate partners and sponsors and government authorities.

We further are dedicated to an organisational structure and club atmosphere, where each and every member has a genuine and enduring obligation to promote the success of every other member because we believe in the values described above.

Our Goals

The Musgrave Soccer Club has identified and set for itself several goals and objectives and is committed and is committed to their implementation as outlined in our 5-year Strategic Development Plan.

The success in achieving our objectives is demonstrated by our commitment to creating a new culture within our club where everybody is committed to the “TEAM” philosophy (together everyone achieves more !!!)

The results will ensure the growth of the club will be seen and respected as a leader in the development of the game on the Gold Coast, meeting the needs of all participants, members and the community.